Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank you and some analytics!

We are so thankful we reached our goal on Kickstarter!! Thanks so much to all of you who helped get us here!

Here are some analytics from our Kickstarter campaign
$41,850.00 in 25 days
755 people backed our project.
$55.07 was the average pledge amount
46% of the pledges came from Facebook
3% came from Twitter
10% came from websites that wrote about our project, in other words, media generated 10% of our pledges
At time of writing 2,666 people "like" our project on Facebook

We had a successful media blitz with articles and interviews about Wisconsin Rising.
There were 13 unique articles that I participated in either via writing or telephone interview. Dozens of blogs drew from that material and posted their own articles.
I was interviewed by the following websites, publications or radio stations.">">

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