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We are going to Ghana!
Nat and Linda Ayer and myself are going to Ghana in November. We were invited by Coastal Television in Cape Coast Ghana. We will represent Ch.17 Center for Media and Democracy. Coastal Television is the first Community Access television station in Ghana. The advent of this station has revolutionary value for their country. This community resource will build job skills, increase awareness about issues in Southern Ghana, and will build esteem for community members. They are psyched to be on the air! They have been broadcasting since May of 2007.

They have the minimal equipment required to run a television station and would not be bummed to have donations. We hope to raise money and bring new equipment when we visit! Any dollar that you contribute will go DIRECTLY to the purchase of headphones, microphones, tapes and if possible a camera. You can donate by clicking on the ChipIn link on the right side.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

A small delegation from Channel 17- Center for Media and Democracy is traveling to Cape Coast, Ghana in November to work with the first Community Access Television Station in the country, Coastal Television. They have been in operation for 9 months and are welcoming the opportunity for volunteers to come work with their staff and assist.

Coastal Television is operated by Gifty Nyomi, Selete Nyomi, and one volunteer technical advisor. Together they provide their community an invaluable resource. Access to community produced programming, and an educational facility to learn new skills that will increase job possibilities. A lack of jobs and employability is a major social issue in Cape Coast. The creators of Coastal Television wish to offer their community access to higher paying jobs and new skills through their community access station.

Coastal Television was created out of need. Currently the major television networks in the larger city of Accra, provide little to no coverage of events happening in Cape Coast. There are few opportunities for community members to learn production skills or to create programming that is representative of life in Cape Coast. Now, with Coastal Television, The greater Cape Coast area can view events, public meetings, and community produced programming that is relevant to life in Cape Coast.

Currently Coastal Television broadcasts to over 10,000 homes in southern Ghana. They have 3 digital cameras (one fully functional and two in need of repair), two donated computers with adequate editing software, one omni-directional microphone, and two sets of headphones to make their operation work. When covering an event that requires two cameras or if more than one event is taking place at a give time Coastal Television will often rent a camera for $100.00 a day.

With just a little help we can raise money needed to help stabilize Coastal Television and give them a foundation that will support the community of Cape Coast and promote independent media in Ghana. $5,000 will cover travel expenses, educational material for community members, two sets of head phones, three microphones and one quality digital camera for use in the field or in their studio.
This visit will directly impact Cape Coast and it’s surrounding region positively. Supporting the educational efforts of Coastal Television will not only help build job skills and promote community minded programming, it will build esteem in the community that will last a lifetime.

We have our shots. We have our sleeping arrangements. Now we need to raise some money to get equipment for our friends in Cape Coast!

It would be great to show up with a small camera, some headphones, and microphones for the Coastal Television Station!

With your help this is completely possible!