Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We are going to Ghana!
Nat and Linda Ayer and myself are going to Ghana in November. We were invited by Coastal Television in Cape Coast Ghana. We will represent Ch.17 Center for Media and Democracy. Coastal Television is the first Community Access television station in Ghana. The advent of this station has revolutionary value for their country. This community resource will build job skills, increase awareness about issues in Southern Ghana, and will build esteem for community members. They are psyched to be on the air! They have been broadcasting since May of 2007.

They have the minimal equipment required to run a television station and would not be bummed to have donations. We hope to raise money and bring new equipment when we visit! Any dollar that you contribute will go DIRECTLY to the purchase of headphones, microphones, tapes and if possible a camera. You can donate by clicking on the ChipIn link on the right side.

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