Friday, March 28, 2008

Protesting 5th year of the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan

Citizens protest the occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan at General Dynamics in Burlington, Vermont on the 5th year anniversary.

Shutting Down Military Offices in Vermont

Counter recruitment demonstration at National Guard Office and Armed Services Career Center in Williston Vermont. November 30, 2007.

Friday, March 14, 2008

In 1971 Soldiers from the Vietnam War gathered to give testimonies of what they encountered, this event was called the Winter Soldier.

Today and tomorrow, March 14 and 15, in Silver Springs, Maryland, hundreds of vets and active duty soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq gather tell give testimonies of the occupation, this is the 2nd Winter Soldier hearing event in history.

They will be giving testimonies of what they did and what they saw while in Iraq and Afghanistan. These testimonies will be aired live on TV, web, and radio - links to follow. The testimonies will be given all day March 14 and 15.
You can watch the testimonies live on the web at the Iraq Veterans against the War website -
If you have Dish Network You can watch the event live on Free Speech Television
You can listen on the radio at KPFA, or listen to their audio stream -

I hope that you find time to listen to just five minutes of this hearing. History is being made, the soldiers are speaking out.
You can support them by listening to thier stories.