Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No doubt, we have bigger issues in October 2008 to take on than snowboards with naked women on them.
This line of Burton boards though, is made in our backyard.

Do naked women need to be on snowboards for the ride down the mountain to be fun?
Do young men need to have snowboards with graphics on them that perpetuate the objectification and marginalization of women on them in order to really enjoy their day on the mountain?

Burton is hiding behind the disclaimer that "two professional riders requested these boards" and they are just honoring their requests. Does this mean that if two professional snowboarders requested a line of boards with bloddied women's faces on them that they would honor those requests as well?

Burton Love Series Snowboard Description:
Hi. My name is Love™ and I’m on the market for someone who’s looking to score serious action, no matter where they like to stick it. I enjoy laps through the park; long, hard grinds on my meaty Park Edges followed by a good, hot waxing. Whether you’re hitting it from the front or the back, my mid wide shape, supple flex, and twin tips like it kinky. Keegan and Mikkel love riding me, I hope you will too"

We can enjoy alpine recreation without graphic photos and violent language.

Call or email Burton at, 1-877-313-1977, to say this product line should be pulled, that it is offensive and is totally unnecessary.

October is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH. We can send a message to Burton that their boards and their entire Love line perpetuates violence against women and is not tolerated.
The world Health Organizations report on violence against women at . These statistics are real and have direct connections to media, marketing and advertising. To exempt oneself under the cover of creative freedom is lazy and dangerous. When young men are encouraged to be "hitting it from the front or the back," by a company they respect, they can't help but translate that image to the real women and girls in their lives. Bodies of data prove this, our media saturated culture helps build our image of the world around us.

Call or email Burton at, 1-877-313-1977, to say this product line should be pulled, that it is offensive and is unnecessary.

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I called 'em and told them I thought it was offensive. Charlie phone guy said playboy and burton are big on principles of personal freedom. I told 'em personal freedom has its limits. He thanked me for my input ;-)